Take a look at some of the 'In' things to do at the moment and in the next few months

Zero-gravity flight

If you're into 'thrills and spills' you can't beat the sensation of weightlessness in a parabolic flight aircraft as the plane drops from 35,000 feet to 25,000 feet and you feel that G-force disappear; the next best thing to space travel! The Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre (Star City) in Moscow, Russia provides full training and a trip of a lifetime. Courses are available all year round.

Space Adventure Ltd
4718 North 24th Street
Arlington, Virginia 22207, USA
Tel: +1 703 534 7172

Web site: www.spaceadventures.com

Visit the Titanic in a submersible

See the real Titanic in its watery grave with an 11-day tour aboard the Akademik Keldysh scientific vessel and dive down to the Titanic wreck in a submersible. This amazing experience does not come cheaply, but is a real curiosity-quencher!

International House
Bank Road, Kingswood
Bristol, BS15 8LX, UK
Tel: +44 117 984 8040

Web site: www.wildwings.co.uk

Sundance Festival

Film buffs shouldn't miss out on one of the most celebrated film festivals in the world. Held in Park City, Utah from 18th to 28th January 2001, it is an ideal opportunity for budding film-makers to submit their work of art and for film enthusiasts to see some innovative movies first-hand.

Passes and packages can be ordered online, further details at www.sundance.org

Deep-sea fishing off the coast of Costa Rica

Catch the biggest fish you've ever seen off the Costa Rican coastline. Weather is mild all the year round so it's an ideal place to get away from the cold winter climate. Take a look at the feature for further details.

Superbowl XXXV

The biggest sporting event in the USA which sees the coming together of the winners of NFC and the AFC to decide the American football team of the year. Held at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida on 28th January 2001, tickets are hard to come by unless you know someone in an NFL team.

Further information: www.superbowl.com

Party in Rio

The 24th to 28th February hails the time for Rio de Janeiro's fantastic carnival. This fun-loving city comes to life even more than usual, during these few days of celebration. The build-up to the official carnival opening results in a number of events that take place throughout the city so it is worth arriving in Rio beforehand. Look at Rio feature for hotel suggestions.

Fly a fighter jet

Air Combat USA, based at Fullerton Municipal Airport in California, offer flights throughout the year for the aspiring fighter pilot. Choose from basic air combat manoeuvres through a range of fighter tactics to fighter lead in - six hours of exhilarating dogfights. You receive an hour on a flight test simulator before taking to the skies in a SIAI Marchetti SF 260 where you fire laser guns at an opposing plane!

Site address:
Air Combat USA Inc
230 North Dale Place
Fullerton, California 92833, USA

National Headquarters
Air Combat USA Inc
PO Box 2726
Fullerton, California, USA
Tel: +1 714 522 7590
Fax: +1 714 522 7592

Birdwatching in Nepal

See an amazing array of native birds in Royal Chitwan National Park and stay in the luxurious Jungle Lodge surrounded by the dramatic landscape of Nepal. From condors to parrots, this part of the world is a birdwatchers' paradise. For further details, read the feature.

Stay in an underwater hotel

Originally a research laboratory in the 70s, Jules' Undersea Lodge is now a hotel with the most unusual sea views. Set in Key Largo's Undersea Park's Lagoon, 30 metres down, you have to scuba dive to get there. However, a three-hour discover-diving course is available for guests who are not certified divers. A number of packages are available, including one for honeymooners that includes mood music, fresh flowers, caviar and the mer-chef service for breakfast. Certified divers can enjoy unlimited diving.

Jules Undersea Lodge
51 Shoreland Drive Mile Marker
103.2 Oceanside Key Largo
Florida 33037, USA
Tel: +1 305 451 2353
Fax: +1 305 451 4789

Web site: www.jul.com

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