'In' Destinations

This, the first issue of extravagance magazine, is packed full of up-to-the-minute information on a wide variety of destinations and topics for the discerning traveller, whether travelling solo, in a couple or with the family. Each issue will feature Great Journeys throughout the world, wonderfully illustrated in this issue by Song of Africa, the editor's magical safari to South Africa, last year. Stay in the stunning palaces of Rajasthan outlined in A Passage to India, or discover the hidden beauty of the Lyon surrounds in southern France.

Our Travel section is geared towards individual needs and circumstances, with a wide range of travel options for singles, couples, adventurers, enthusiasts and special needs. We tempt you to experience Bali at its most romantic in the glorious Begawan Giri Estate, offer ideas on 'outdoor' vacations, plus tips on where to go to avoid feeling lonely if you're alone on Valentine's Day and numerous suggestions on how to celebrate a 50th anniversary in true style, to name just a few.

Health and fitness holidays have dramatically increased in recent years and whether you prefer an action-packed trip or to watch an international sporting event, review the Sport/Spa section where you can learn to play polo with the best, or spend a relaxing stay at one of the world's top spa resorts.

Whatever your interests in life, Lifestyle covers it. From Chicago art galleries to the world's 'hottest' nightspots, you're sure to find it here. Follow the footsteps of Bach, discover the great writers of St Petersburg, admire the buildings of Scotland's most famous architect, or savour the best of Melbourne cuisine and check out what's new in the world of perfume.

The world's first floating apartments fulfil the dream of 'a life on the ocean waves'. P.O.S.H. informs lovers of cruising what's afloat and keeps you 'in the know' about the finest casinos.

This is just a sample of the world's best destinations and the informed advice you can expect from www.extravagancemagazine.com. For more 'In' destinations, click on 'People, Places, Things'.

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