Monte Carlo, Monaco - a beautiful place full of beautiful people! Stunning scenery, art, culture and entertainment. 'Beauty attracts beauty,' as they say, and there's no better way to stay beautiful than to work on your level of fitness. Here, in Monte Carlo, Les Thermes Marins (Sea Water Thermal Baths) offers a spa fitness experience unique to this part of the world. Amongst other treatments, the speciality here is thalassotherapy - a cure that has been used throughout the Mediterranean for centuries. Originating from Greek, thalassotherapy literally means 'cure of the sea' and here you can experience a number of marine therapies, specially designed to eliminate the detrimental effects of stress and fatigue. Perched on a cliff, overlooking panoramic views of the 'Med', the spa is conveniently connected to two of the most luxurious hotels in the city, both of which offer spa packages, ranging from three- to seven-night stays.

What to Expect

Seven thalassotherapy treatment packages are available - the traditional Azur Tonic with four treatments a day, the Well-being and Beauty programme, Stress control, Slimming, Pro-form and Stop Cellulite. The key to the success of thalassotherapy is the sea water, rich in minerals and micro-organisms that assist in the exchange of impurities from the blood system. The water is heated to a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius and, with the use of seaweed and algae wraps, the rise in body temperature enables the mineral salts and trace elements to penetrate the skin.

Added to this there is a well-equipped gym, a programme of exercise classes, an indoor salt-water pool for aqua gym, a hammam, sauna and solarium. Healthy eating is also on the menu at the Hirondelle restaurant, where delicious low-calorie meals are the order of the day. Other treatments are offered here too, including Shiatsu massage, Physiotherapy, Sophrology, Reflexology and Electrotherapy.

Erna Low, specialists in health and fitness vacations, offer excellent 'body and soul' holiday packages staying at the Société des Bains de Mer hotels (see below). You can choose between the Baths' extensive range of treatments, plus Hydrotherapy and Yoga.

Where to Stay

Les Thermes Marins is run by the SBM and is nestled between two of Monte Carlo's most prestigious hotels, The Hotel de Paris and the Hotel Hermitage, also run by this organization. Deservedly described on its web site as 'heir to the spirit of the grand hotels', the Hotel de Paris is the epitome of sumptuous luxury and its Grill restaurant has a Michelin Star. The hotel also offers a number of shops and luxury boutiques, four gourmet restaurants, the use of a golf course and indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

The Hotel Hermitage overlooks Monaco's harbour and is regarded as a historical monument in Monte Carlo. The hotel is renowned for its remarkable interior, including a pink marble dining-room and glass-domed Winter Garden. Passageways connect the Hotel Hermitage to the adjacent Hotel de Paris and the casino. All programmes booked with either hotel include a continental or dietetic breakfast and lunch at the spa restaurant. On arrival at your hotel you will receive the SBM Gold Card, allowing you free access to the Monte Carlo Casino, the Beach Club and the Thermes Marins. You will also be entitled to a 50% discount on fees at the Monte-Carlo Club (23 tennis courts) and the Monte-Carlo Golf Club.

Pre-Travel Checklist

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Hotel de Paris
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Tel: +377 92 16 30 00
Fax: +377 92 16 38 50

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