Exhausted by the Spa experience with so many services and options that you are literally left dazed and confused by the end of the first hour? If all you want is a good massage in a clean, quiet room, filled with a pleasing fragrance and just enough background music for your particular mental state of mind - then head for the Westward Look Resort.

What to Expect

  • The drive into Southern Arizona is pretty amazing. Tired souls soar just to see all that open, undeveloped, pristine space just above Mexico and hard by California. (In fact, it's Palm Springs before the golf courses.)

  • Tuscon is a little like Las Vegas before Steve Wynn - just this side of tired, and a little kitschy, and both sides of the main roads are lined cheek-by-jowl with construction support palaces, handicraft stores, big chain presences and every fast-food franchise known to man.

  • But there is plenty of justification for the droves of people streaming into this part of the American Southwest. The air is clean, the warmth is dry, cost-of-living is relatively low, and the people are so gosh-darned nice. It's a university town, so the shops seem universally tended by Bright Young sun-bronzed Things, incredibly healthy, well-mannered and - bonus! - intelligent.

  • Whichever way you approach, you'll eventually turn off Ina Road, and immediately find yourself on a winding driveway in paradise. Roll down the windows and let the fragrance of petunias and jasmine enwrap you. Pass the sparkling fountain that stands welcome sentry, and you're there.

  • A doorman directs you to the lobby, while your car and luggage are seen to.

  • Registration is standard … but pay attention to the map, because it tells you just where you are and where everything else is.

  • On its own 80-acre Sonoran Desert oasis, the Westward Look Resort has welcomed guests since 1912. Evolved from its original and unpretentious guest ranch roots, the current resort is a big, easy place - somewhere to go in denim and cool cotton shirts and comfortable shoes. The main building is a charming extension of the original adobe house, dripping with historic local charm and authentic southwestern décor. There is an abundance of mature cacti and tall trees everywhere, but flourishing citrus and pomegranates hug close to a courtyard, warmed by a corner chimney.

  • The suite-size guestrooms are some of the largest in Tucson, all of them opening out to balconies or terraces focused on magnificent living desert. There are also fine dining rooms, championship recreation, unique meeting facilities - and that special health spa!

The Wellness Center

Home to an amazing variety of birds, plants and wildlife, this lush oasis provides the perfect setting for nature lovers, or those simply seeking a serene escape from life's daily pressures. Its expansive grounds offer unlimited recreational activities for outdoor enthusiasts, while world-class facilities, gourmet dining, and luxurious amenities pamper guests in an unpretentious atmosphere, recently rated Travel Holiday magazine's 'favorite Tucson resort'.

One of the Resort's best features is the Wellness Center, and it is magic.

  • The facility occupies one of the original guest farm buildings, but was purpose-rebuilt in 1997 to be an intimate warren of four private therapy rooms, two lockers/showers and a reception lounge with a fireplace.

  • Each room is clean, spacious, and tastefully decorated. It is Southwestern, but smartly spare - an Indian blanket here, an ocotillo-shuttered window there. Lighting is on a dimmer, candles are used to enhance, and aromatherapy and music of choice complete the personal environment.

  • The other alternative is having a massage in the privacy of your own guestroom.

The Menu of Services:

Massage Therapy

Our massage techniques use the finest quality oils, one of which is derived from the jojoba plant, native to our region. Drawn from the bean of the plant, jojoba oil is known for its hydrating properties and has long been prized by Native Americans.

  • Swedish Massage
    A technique which gently manipulates your muscles to improve circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, increase flexibility and enhance relaxation.

  • Aromatherapy Massage
    Our special recipe of jojoba, clary sage, juniper berry and other essential oils stimulates the olfactory system, our most immediate sensory contact with memory.

  • Deep Tissue Massage
    Sometimes known as 'Therapeutic Massage', deep-tissue body work is perfect for those who are experiencing muscular discomfort.

  • Desert Stone Massage
    This soothing massage technique incorporates smooth, hot desert stones to offer the ultimate relaxation experience.

  • Cranio-Sacral Massage
    Through light, gentle touch, this therapy encourages the body's own natural mechanisms to dissipate stress and enhance general health and resistance to disease.

Body Treatments

  • Corn Silk Scrub (55 minutes)
    This gentle scrub is reminiscent of the luxury offered in bath houses of the 'Old West'. We use corn meal for exfoliation in order to reveal vibrant, rejuvenated skin.

  • Three Muds Body Masque (55 minutes)
    Sedona Red, Catalina Dust and Pevonia Moor Muds are applied to the body and face for a therapeutic mind/body experience.

  • Three Muds Deluxe (80 minutes)
    We combine all the features of the Three Muds Body Masque with an Aromatherapy facial massage and a half session body massage. This is the ultimate way to pamper yourself.

  • 'Bath in a Boot' Foot Refresher (25 minutes)
    We soak your feet in a purifying foot bath, followed by a gentle exfoliation of dry skin, application of essential oils and a massage.

  • Herbal Wrap (25 minutes)
    You are wrapped in unbleached muslin sheets which have been steamed in a blend of fragrant herbs. The wrap increases perspiration, helping eliminate toxins and impurities, relaxing your muscles and softening your skin.

  • Aloe Wrap (25 minutes)
    We offer instant relief for sunburn and restoration of the moisture your body craves - aloe is known for its soothing, moisturizing properties.

  • Aromatherapy Wrap (25 minutes)
    A gentle dry brushing of the skin, to remove dead skin layers while improving circulation.

Skin Care

  • Pevonia Refresher Facial (25 minutes)
    This revitalizing massage will cleanse, tone and hydrate your skin, leaving it feeling fresh and alive.

  • Pevonia Deep Cleansing Facial (55 or 80 minutes)
    This classic European facial begins with a deep cleansing followed by a peel, massage, extraction (if needed) and a masque.

  • Men's Facial (55 minutes)
    Travel, recreation and the environment play havoc with a man's skin. We offer complete skin analysis, deep pore cleansing and gentle facial and scalp massage.

Pre-Travel Checklist

  • Pack according to the season; desert does not translate uniformly to 'hot'. In the winter, the days can be crisp, and the nights downright cold. And in the summer, most of the shops and restaurants are near freezing. So pack that pashmina!

  • Sun is almost always dependable here - making it a huge potential problem. Arizona has the highest incidence of skin cancers in the United States … so be smart and use that sun block you should be taking.

  • Water will suddenly become your beverage of choice. Drink lots of it, and bring small bottles of it wherever you go. Keep it cooled if you have the chance. Get spray bottles if you think you'd like a refreshing spritz on the face or the neck.

  • Swimsuit. Pack it, for pool or sun…


    The Westward Look Resort
    245 East Ina Road
    Tucson, Arizona 85704-6296
    Tel: +1 520 297 1151
    Fax: +1 520 742 1573
    Email: reservations@westwardlook.com
    Web Site: www.coastalhotel.com/arizona/tucson/westward.html

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